Cape Ann Marine Protective Coatings provides a line of cleaners and finishes that protect your Teak from the effects of weather, pollution and age.

Teak Care Housecall Saves the Teak on Hat Trick

Gloucester, MA - - Hat Trick had beautiful teak decks, but after 19 years of trying many different Teak care products Mike's deck had a dark mottled appearance. He had worked for the last three years to improve the appearance of the Teak. Every Saturday morning on the dock, we'd hear, "I love my Teak." Mike would say this through gritted teeth. This Teak could look better.

Mike and Ellen heard about the Cape Ann Marine Protective Coatings and, and gave them a call. He made a housecall to the marina to talk with Mike and Ellen about their Teak. Mike had stripped the Teak and cleaned it thoroughly, but couldn't sand it because the wood was heavily weathered. He knew that if he'd sanded the bungs, the screw heads would show through.

They told Mike that his deck needed to be cleaned. Mike knew he'd just spent a lot of time and money cleaning the teak, but didn't say anything. He opened his box filled with Teak Care Products and brought out the One Step Teak Cleaner and scrubber. He scrubbed the deck - no rubber gloves needed. Even after having been cleaned and stripped just the week before, brown foam appeared.

He said that this was from old products that had been used over the years. The One Step Teak Cleaner was removing it after all of the time and products used. When the deck was washed with a water hose the brown foam carried off the old products and left the deck with a healthy natural look.

Two coats of Teak Fix were applied to the deck and the finish was brought back to life. He told Rick that this application of Teak Fix should last one season.

Next season, Mike washed his Teak deck with a couple of caps full of One Step Teak Cleaner in a gallon of water. This took off the surface salt, oxidation and acid rain that would preclude bonding and penetration of the Teak Fix After he applied two coats of Teak Fix, Hat Trick was ready for another season. We still hear Mike around the dock saying, "I love my teak." But now he smiles when he says it..

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