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Let us introduce you to our line of fine products.

Teak Care Products
Fiberglass Care Products
Inflatable Care Products
Bilge Cleaner

One-Step Teak Cleaner

Our environmentally safe One-Step Teak Cleaner cleans your teak thoroughly andteak.jpg (14012 bytes) safely so your teak protector will have greater penetration, longer life and better bonding.

Teak Fix

Teak Fix is a water-based acrylic polymer finish for teak. In testing under severe tropical conditions, this product outlasts oil-based coatings, and other water-based finishes.

Teak Stripper

Teak Stripper is used on teak that hasn't been cleaned in years and has a build up of dirt and other products.


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Hydrothane wood finish is a heavy duty urethane providing maximum protection and resistance to marring, chipping, and peeling.  This product is the leader in both protection, fine finish qualities and easy application.

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Fiberglass Cleaner

Fiberglass Cleaner has been formulated to remove dirt, salts, acid rain, exhaustfg.jpg (9156 bytes) stains, oil, oxidation, and rust from the gelcoat of your fiberglass boat.  It helps your protective coating to bond and penetrate into the gelcoat.

Fiberglass Polish and Protector

Fiberglass Polish and Protector prevents chalking, oxidation and loss of new-boat gloss due to pollution and damage from ultra-violet rays.. No hard rubbing or machine buffing is required.

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Inflatable Boat Cleaner

Inflatable Boat Cleaner cleans and prepares your inflatable for best bonding of thedokinfl.jpg (11482 bytes) protective coating. 

Inflatable Boat Protector

Inflatable Boat Protector - recommended by leading inflatable boat builders protects your vaulable inflatable from dirt, stains and UV damage. 



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Cape Ann Marine Protective Coatings Bilge Cleaner

Our Bilge Cleaner cleans everything from bilges to fish boxes sparkling clean. 

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